Sadwrn, 25 Ionawr 2020

Lleuwen, Rhys Meirion, Llŷr Williams

Hyd at 25 Ionawr 2020, 22:30

* * * * *

Rhys Meirion (Galeri’s resident singer)
Llŷr Williams (Galeri’s resident pianist)
& Lleuwen

Join Galeri’s resident pianist and singer and their special guest singer Lleuwen, in an evening of music filled with love on Santes Dwynwen’s day.

We can promise you a programme which will include romantic music, classical duets, folk songs, hymns and more in an evening filled with love. Love is one of our most powerful emotions and in a world where we see disaster and hate around us, it’s so important that we embrace and celebrate all kinds of love at every opportunity.